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Conference 13 Jan 2017



For the Preservation and Development of Energetic Arts and Martial Arts

The Association Marianne.Yi is a Sino-French association founded by DING Zhaoxia, a Chinese martial art expert with over 30 years of training experience who won 7 times the China National championship (5 in Wushu and 2 in Taekwondo)

Our goal is to help develop Chinese Martial Art and Chinese traditional culture and promote cultural exchanges between Asia and western countries

Our  association Marianne.Yi is officialy affiliated and recognized

by the IHQF  (International Health QiGong Federation).

We also co-organise seminars with the Beijing Sport University

Our main activities :

Chinese Martial Arts training and Seminars

Stress management seminars

Demo and performance during Corporate events

Qi Yun Taichi 14-15 January 2017